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Hello, i am Claudia-Ayda,

I am an expert in offer and business model development.

My customers are coaches, consultants and service providers who want to massively increase their sales.

I have been an entrepreneur for 35 years, Bachelor of Marketing, NLP Master, a business junkie and I manifest.

I know how to make money. I used to be a hardliner and that caused a lot of trouble. Today I am a HAPPY HIGH PERFORMER and use systems and manifesting.

If you want to make your business (re-)profitable - come to me.

My roots have been in the finance and real estate sector since 1990. In 2010 I suffered burnout that changed my life forever. In 2016 I gave EVERYTHING away and gave myself to basic trust. In 2017 I emigrated to Alanya and from there until 2021 I helped start-ups and entrepreneurs in difficulties free of charge as a business angel, online.

I'm married again. My husband Idris and I come from Limburg/Lahn. With our 2 dogs, which we rescued from the street as puppies, we live in a retreat in a property with a distant view over the Taurus and the sea.

During the day we hang out in the business world of Alanya and online in Germany. We are the owner of a real estate buyer agency, which we successfully set up as a startup in 2022. For me, that was my proof of concept.

Since I never wanted to go back to the real estate business, I decided in 2023 to work as a management consultant and business trainer.

I am convinced that my deep knowledge of marketing, systems and mindset, my experience from over three decades of building five companies, four of which are now still running profitably, can help all self-employed people to the maximum in dealing with sales blockages.

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step into the

Abonniere das Business Manifestieren Newspaper mit vielen Freebies und Highlights gratis.

The Bridge Strategie

About the Book 

Our world is characterized by pressure.
Ever since we were children we have learned how to behave in order to be as successful as possible. In this context, success is the acquisition of limited resources with a focus on one's own ego. With these resources, it doesn't matter whether it's about love, recognition or material wealth. All these things are perceived as limited and thus in lack.

Lack is socially desired.

Because of this lack, many of us may be successful but empty. Others rush after goals and fail again and again in the search for their fulfillment.

There is a direct connection between order/systems and the magic/abundance that occurs when you start planning and thinking differently.

The bridge strategy shows you this way. It leads you over the bridge from the old to the new being. You get to know yourself differently, expand your awareness and open your focus. You learn a different way of planning and thinking. You gradually develop the best version of your life.

You will become exorbitantly productive, awesome and incredibly calm at the same time.
You will find that you don't need to attract anything from the universe. All you have to do is create order, create stillness, and then accept abundance.

This book is everything you need to build a successful business and live a happy life at the same time.
It shows you easy-to-copy systems for strategic business and mind building and methods to bring magic into your life.

It is a philosophical work and at the same time a guide with many practical exercises.

My Expertise

Get a short Impression of me. 


NLP Master & Hypno Therapist

We grab it from underneath

We all are based on human Blueprints. We grow up as a child and after a few Years, we are like Robots. Eat, sleep, shit, repeat - 95% of our Days are like this. This is what we are using in the NLP to get ourselve more into Abundance - and magnetizise our Customers. 


Marketing Bachelor

Building fluently Systems. 

As Marketingprofessional my first Topic is: Analyses. From this Bottom up, we are grounding great Strategies, Workflows and a whole Surrounding of automatic, profit generating Systems - and i am depending in Total Quality Managment! 

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Only 0,0001% of Everything what "is" is material - the Rest 99,9999% is Energy. You can only notice a Part of going on around you, because your Rezeptors are only human and your Brain is always on the Way to interpret your Outside. We can manifest things in Live? I do. 

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Business Junkie

Lets take Action

Nobody can pay the Journey i take since 1990. I am a Business Junkie, i only can and i only will Business beeing - i will take you there! 

Privat Facts 

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