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Widen your Abundance




Melde Dich an und starte mit mir am 18. Dezember 2023. 

The BRIDGE STRATEGY is a way of planning and thinking that allows you to act systematically and superconsciously at the same Time."

Claudia - Ayda Bülbül

We do...

Business and Manifesting Retreats

in Alanya and at your Homebase, 

for your Team.

In Alanya we plan all your Incentive, from the Airport in your Country, with everything inside - till the Return

We uprise the Energy and Profit Level of your Players

In German as Motherlanguage

and English

For you if...

Want to rise up the Level of your Team

Want to clean your Business- and Thougt Systems

If you want to dive into Fullfilment with your Company 

Based on...

The Strategy of the


including clean Business Consulting Systems,

Guerilla Marketing Methods,

NLP and the Phylosophie of the Law of Attraction. 

Calm Beach


My Name is Claudia - Ayda. 

I am a Business Junkie, living by the Sea.

I am the Author of "The Bridge Strategy" and Entrepreneur since 1990. 

My Roots are in the Finance- and Estate Sector, i studied Marketing Economics, be an NLP Master and Law of Attraction Practitioner.

In Past Times, i was a Business Hardliner, disciplined, a hard working german Woman - now i am a Creator. 

If you want to know how to build or change into a Genius- Companies,

come and join me. 


"Egal wie viel man über bestimmte Sachen zu wissen scheint, es gibt immer noch etwas dazu zu lernen. Stichwort: Glaubenssätze. Höre auf die Ratschläge von Menschen die dort sind, wo Du sein willst, nur so kommst Du weiter! Danke Claudia."

Teilnehmer des NLP Workshops "7 Tage Gedankencrash"

Dennis Wolf


Network Marketing

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